Building a Finger Park

Building a Finger Skate park

There are so many cool finger skate parks out there and the possibilities are endless.  All you really need is some scrap wood, some glue, and some creativity!   We will walk you through the process we used.  

First, here are the supplies we rounded up.

Yllo Fingerskate Park Build 2
  • Plywood 2'X5'
  • 2x4's various sizes
  • Granite 1-1/2" x 10" scrap piece
  • Drawer handles from Home Depot
  • Rockhard Putty
  • Tape
  • Spray Paint

We started out with the flat sheet of plywood and used a pencil to mark out the areas we wanted to build up. Then cut them to size and glued them down. 

Yllo Fingerskate Park Build 3Once that was all complete, we used some Rockhard putty.  Mixed it thick and filled the gaps and smoothed out the transitions.  We had a couple blocks that needed some transition, so we used the Rockhard Water Putty there also.  Once it started to set, we used fingerboard wheels to add some texture to the DIY spot.
A little spray paint, some fingerboard wheels, and a dry brush for aging and texture and there you have it.  A fingerboard skate park!  
Let us know in the comments if you make one too.  We'd love to see it.


Yllo Fingerskate Park
August 11, 2021 — Tim Werle