MiniRipperz Skate Contest in Oceanside, CA

MiniRipperz Oceanside Prince Park Sponsor

On July 31st, Yllo partook in an event at a skatepark in Oceanside, CA. We had a booth with most of our products, including shirts, fingerboards, and finger scooters. At that event we got a lot of attention. At one point, most of the park was at our booth! Lots of people were buying our boards and enjoyed them very much. Also, at the event, there were a few competitions, varying on age and skill and type of features skated. It was fun! We met some cool people and  had a good time. Purchasing our product helps out a lot with these events and trips so stay tuned to Yllo and get some sick stuff from our website at we have lots of variety to choose from.


July 31, 2021 — Tim Werle
Tags: contest